Team Sponsors

Following the recent National League AGM it can be confirmed that the Mildenhall Fen Tigers will come to tapes once again in 2019. A consortium fronted by Fen Tigers Commercial Manager Lee Chipchase and local farmer Greg Palmer plus as yet unnamed partners have taken over the day to day running of the club after Kevin Jolly put the club up for sale at the end of last season.

Speaking on behalf of the consortium Lee Chipchase said “We are overjoyed that Mildenhall Speedway will run again in 2019 and must thank Kevin (Jolly) for all his help in making this happen. We are very pleased to be able to announce that Kevin will stay involved with us and help our riders develop using his great knowledge of speedway and deep passion for the sport. He has also been a massive help to us as we prepare to step somewhat into the unknown. This was a decision not lightly taken but I am confident that with the various skills my partners will bring to the table we can continue to run Mildenhall Speedway on a sustainable basis whilst providing our loyal fan base with the exciting speedway they have come to expect at Mildenhall. We are very lucky to have so many committed helpers too that all help make the Mildenhall Speedway experience a special one.

Now we are confirmed as running we need to act swiftly to ensure we are able to secure the riders we want to give us a competitive team. We will keep supporters fully updated and  will be in a position to announce our first riders next week. We would like to thank our supporters for their patience during this worrying period”

Kevin Jolly commented “This is a solution that works for everyone, the club keeps running which is so important to me, whilst at the same time I will not have the financial commitment and day to day responsibilities that I have had over the recent years. I am happy to help the new consortium and am convinced that they can continue to move Mildenhall Speedway forward. It is great that some enthusiasts have come in to take it over and now we all can all look forward to the coming season. The intention, I understand, is that five riders will be announced next week, one each evening, so the run up to Christmas will be very exciting for sure”