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Sunday 26 September

Fen Tigers



The Mildenhall Fen Tigers, proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery, welcome the Belle Vue Colts on Sunday (3pm start) as they look to build on last week’s victory.

Jason Edwards, following being dropped by Eastbourne, has quickly found another Championship club the Plymouth Devils, but unfortunately for Mildenhall there is an immediate clash meaning the club will be without the exciting youngster.

This week has also seen the first new averages for the Fen Tigers with Luke Ruddick, Sam Hagon, Sam Bebee and Elliot Kelly all moving team position. Ruddick goes to number one for the first time in his career which has left rider replacement the only option for Edwards absence. Young Tigers Hagon and Kelly swap positions with Hagon moving into the main body for the first time after an excellent start to his National League career.

The Colts have signed Jack Smith and also have ex Fen Tiger Connor Coles at reserve! One of the vagaries of this sport saw Coles guest at number one for the Fen Tigers two meetings ago whilst on Sunday he will be in one of the reserve berths.

Team Manager Malcolm Vasey said “Last Sunday was a good performance and we will need a similarly strong effort from everyone to overcome a strong Belle Vue side with an excellent reserve in Connor Coles. We will miss Jason of course but the rest of the side are more than capable of covering his absence.

The change in averages has caused us to relook at the best way to line up to be successful, but our hands are rather tied on Sunday so we will operate rider replacement at number two. Our supporters were excellent last Sunday and I am sure the noise made after heat fifteen could be heard miles away! We will be all out to give them more to cheer on Sunday”

There will be another full second half card this Sunday including 250cc races.

Sundays Teams -

Mildenhall Fen Tigers
1 Luke Ruddick 8.00, 2 (Jason Edwards) R/R 7.53, 3 Sam Bebee 4.44, 4 Sam Hagon 6.00, 5 Jordan Jenkins (C) 6.55, 6 Elliot Kelly 3.50, 7 Luke Muff 3.00

Belle Vue Colts
1. Sam McGurk 7.43, 2. Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 6.26, 3. Paul Bowen 5.64, 4. Harry McGurk 6.67, 5. Jack Smith 6.50, 6. Connor Coles 5.39, 7. Ben Woodhull (C) 3.00