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After a successful opening meeting victory the Mildenhall Fen Tigers proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery start their 2019 National Trophy campaign with two meetings in two days this week at the Isle of Wight (Thursday) and Plymouth (Friday).

The Fen Tigers will be operating rider replacement in both meetings for the injured Sam Bebee, whilst in Danny Ayres absence on Friday, Kent’s Anders Rowe steps in to cover at number one. Team Manager Malcolm Vasey was keen to stress the importance of a fast start in a four team National Trophy group., he said “I was pleased with our performance on Sunday overall but we will need to step up against two decent sides on their home tracks. With only six fixtures in the group we must be looking to secure some points from this trip ahead of the reverse fixture with the Isle of Wight on Sunday.

We will be without Danny Ayres on Friday as he is riding for Scunthorpe in the Championship, but in Anders Rowe we have a strong guest with recent good form at Plymouth. His twelve points in Kent’s recent defeat there was an impressive return”

Team lineups:

Mildenhall Fen Tigers (both meetings)
1. Danny Ayres (c) 8.90 (Anders Rowe at Plymouth), 2. Sam Bebee 4.62 R/R, 3. Charlie Brooks 4.53, 4. Jason Edwards 6.73, 5. David Wallinger 6.13, 6. Elliot Kelly 2.00, 7. Macauley Leek 2.86

Isle ofWight
1. Georgie Wood 9.28, Chris Widman 3.32, 3. Ryan Terry Daley 5.22, 4. Danno Verge 4.83, 5. Ben Morley (c) 9.24, 6. Connor King 2.00, 7. Chad Wirtzfeld 2.00

1. Ben Wilson 8.35, 2. Adam Extance 3.77, 3. Scott Campos 6.28, 4. Richard Andrews 5.92, 5. Nathan Stoneman 7.61, 6. Jamie Bursill 2.00, 7. Adam Sheppard 2.01