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Sunday 8 August

Fen Tigers


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The Mildenhall Fen Tigers proudly sponsored by Manchetts Rescue and Recovery will be looking to improve their play-off hopes this Sunday when the Plymouth ‘Gladiators’ visit Mildenhall Stadium.

With Henry Atkins now well settled at the club and performing so well, the Fen Tigers have had the top five all firing together recently and are looking a side that can be a match for anyone. Sunday though, will see them without their Captain and talisman Danny Ayres who will be with his Championship club ahead of his big night on Monday where Ayres becomes the first rider in a Mildenhall side to appear in the British Final. The Fen Tigers consortium moved quickly to secure the Isle of Wight’s Ben Morley, a crowd favourite and a rider the Fen Tigers have turned to regularly when seeking guest replacements.

Reserve Elliot Kelly is not yet ready to return to the side so the Fen Tigers welcome back this weekend Macauley Leek who was somewhat a victim of averages when Atkins was signed to replace David Wallinger. This will be Leek’s first meeting since injury bought his season to an abrupt halt. The meeting will have some additional flavor as the displaced Wallinger has recently signed for Plymouth and forms a useful spearhead with Ben Wilson and Luke Chessell.

However, the biggest cheer of the day will undoubtably be for the return of local hero Super Sam Norris who has made wonderful progress since his horrific crash at Glasgow in the Youth Championship. The club hope supporters far and wide will head to Mildenhall on Sunday to offer their best wishes and support to Sam as he continues on the road to recovery.

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s meeting Malcolm Vasey said “We have suddenly hit a good vein of form and now are looking like a very good unit, the top five in particular are performing excellently and they must maintain this consistency if we are to achieve our aim of making the play offs. We will miss Danny massively on Sunday as he is as much a positive influence off the track as he is on it. But that said the owners have secured a perfect replacement in Ben Morley, who will fit in easily with the ethos at the club. It is also good to see Macauley back, he wasn’t quite ready last weekend and we respect his honesty but with the situation we find ourselves in he is in my opinion without a doubt the best option we could have got in at reserve.

Away from the meeting of course all eyes will be on young Sam Norris and rightly so, he is a lovely young man and we like supporters across the speedway world are so pleased and relieved to see him making such good progress and it will be wonderful to see him back 'home' on Sunday”

Mildenhall Fen Tigers
1. Ben Morley (G) 9.71  2. Matt Marson 6.12 3 Jason Edwards 7.37 4 Charlie Brooks 5.71 5. Henry Atkins 6.90 6. Arran Butcher 2.00 7. Macauley Leek (G) 2.86

Plymouth "JARVIS NUCLEAR" Gladiators
1. Ben Wilson 8.95 2. Adam Extance 5.26 3. Luke Chessell 6.80 4. Richard Andrews 8.60 5. David Wallinger 6.13 6. Adam Sheppard 3.76 7.Jamie Bursill 2.00`

There will also be a six race second half to enjoy with a 500cc Fen Tiger Cubs scurry featuring: 1 Kean Dicken 2 Jamie Sealey 3 William O’Keefe 4 James Chattin 5 Sam Woods 6 Jacob Fellows 7 Stephen Whitehouse 8 Luke Muff