Many thanks for all your entries for naming the new club mascot. Greg has now narrowed these down to two names: Henry & Fenny.

Please vote via our social media sites and the result will be announced at our first fundraising event ‘Reunite Under The Lights’ on 8th March.

This will take place at the Fenman Bar, Mildenhall Stadium and starts at 5:30p with a free buffet for families, raffle & disco. Bar and fish & chip shop will also be open and there will be a quiz and round 1 of the Limbo competition.

Riders invited so far: Lee Complin, Alfie Bowtell, Luke Muff, Alex Spooner, James Shanes (with bike), Josh Warren, Robert Henry, Luke Ruddick, Jordan Jenkins, Connor Mountain, Danny Halsey, Jason Edwards and Ritchie Hawkins (Ipswich Witches team manager). 

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