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The Silverski Fours Tournament

This post hopefully clarifies the reasoning behind our decision not to take part in the above event

Our leg was due to be held on Sunday 4th August with Kent holding the final leg the following evening. On the Sunday 4th we will be without Danny Ayres and Henry Atkins, Kent will be missing Drew Kemp and Anders Rowe whilst the Isle of Wight will be missing Georgie Wood and Ben Morley. To try and run on this day with all the top riders absent would be financial suicide on our part with the costs associated with running speedway at Mildenhall.

We now have meetings from this Sunday (14th July) through to September 1st with September 8th as our one reserve date for rain etc. We cannot consider changing a meeting as they are all National League fixtures and we cannot run without our top two riders as we still hold aspirations of making the play offs.

We also cannot run on either the 15th or 22nd September as Stocks are running on both weekends. This means if we were to take part in this event the earliest we could realistically hold our leg is Sunday 29th September as long as we had no play off commitments. Understandably this was not acceptable to Kent as it meant the final leg would take place nearly two months after the third leg.

We did have a spare date in August (11th) but this has now been lost with the NL Pairs at Sheffield being held on the 25th August meaning we have moved the Iow NL meeting to the 11th (our thanks to Barry and Martin for their support here).

The only realistic option for us was to withdraw and the event run within it's planned timeframe.

We would like to apologise to any of our supporters who have been inconvenienced by this decision but hope you all understand this was not taken on a whim but as part of our ongoing plan to secure the future of Mildenhall Speedway.